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About The Product

Peddlr is a smart Point of Sale (POS) mobile application that that helps micro and small businesses and more. Peddlr allow you to automatically record your sales and log your expenses and generates basic accounting reports for you to understand your business performance.

This is the base product of the Peddlr. It is an easy 2-click self-service setup Point of Sale application. You will just need a phone and products. Upload product images and prices to the app and your POS will be automatically generated. This works both online and offline.

Peddlr syncs the smart POS to a digital web-based product catalog that can be shared to customers. You will have an automatic online, ecommerce enable store that serves 2 functions- (1) showcase your product list and prices and (2) gives your customer a frictionless, web-based, product checkout experience. The customer will not need to download any app nor be required to create an account. It will be a quick checkout ordering process and you will instantly receive customer orders via the Peddlr app. This requires mobile data or internet connectivity.

Setup Process

No! No coding or technical skills required. This is a 2-click setup process and can be done easily within 5 minutes. You will just need an android or IOS mobile Phone with OS 5 and above versions. Peddlr had removed all the technical barriers so that SMEs can accelerate on going digital.

It is easy. 2-click product setup and you are done. You can start peddling within 5 minutes. You will need an android phone and products.

Not required but if you have the capability to have good looking product images or artworks then use it. Product pictures are gold on doing online business. It attracts buyers and trigger impulsive buying. But it is okay to use your basic product images.

Since peddlr is only a tool which helps the users perform online transactions, we are not requiring any business requirements or documents. You as a responsible business owner on the other hand should follow what is mandated by local laws and ordinances.

About Pricing

The app is free for download and free to use. No need to pay to get started.

No! Credit card is not needed to setup or get started with Peddlr.

Peddlr POS App is forever free-free to download free to use.